4 Tips For “Boring” Businesses to Create Exciting Social Media Strategies


Some brands are meant for social media success. Exciting companies with eye-catching products and fascinating services are the perfect fodder for Instagram, Twitter, and all the other platforms out there. There are plenty of brand marketing campaigns that have gone viral as a result of being hilarious, moving, or even controversial.

The companies that are best at social media will use their campaigns to attract new followers, drive web traffic and get more eyes on their brand. All of which eventually translate to increased sales and profits. But how can brands that aren’t naturally exciting achieve the same success?

Perhaps your business is particularly technical or operates in a niche industry. Your products and services might be considered “boring” to all but a small subset of the population. Does this mean you shouldn’t bother even trying to amass an Instagram following? After all, who is going to want to read a blog post about finding the best replacement water nozzle for a waterjet cutting machine?

Fortunately, a good social media strategy is not about what you’re selling: it’s about how you sell it. So there’s no excuse for any brand not to make the most of social media for success. Here are four tips to get you started with your content strategy.

Tell a story

No matter how technical or dull it may be, every single business has an interesting history behind it. Perhaps there’s a fascinating story about how it kicked off – the first initial spark of inspiration and the struggle to get up and running. Maybe your company has a diverse team of staff or a groundbreaking environmental policy. Audiences love to connect with narratives so tell them a story they will want to follow.

Be human

So many companies in the technology, financial and manufacturing industries have incredibly monotonous, dry social media profiles. They fill their timelines with technical content and lengthy news articles that will never manage to draw in an audience. There is no reason why you can’t be a bit more exciting. The most popular brand social media profiles are those that show some personality and a sense of humour. Get creative with your content strategy and show a bit of humanity behind the brand.

Educate your audience

Your product or service fulfils a need. It is useful and there are people or businesses out there who will buy it. These are the people you want to be reading your content. The problem is, they may not know your brand exists yet. Draw them in by creating content that solves their problems. It should be valuable, educational, and not overly promotional.

Get topical

One of the best ways to get more views on your social media posts is to tap into current trends. Follow industry news and popular culture and keep an eye out for anything that is relevant to your business. When you spot something pertinent you should post about it, using relevant hashtags and keywords. Start discussions with your followers and retweet or comment on posts from other accounts. Your increased activity will soon see a rise in impressions, interactions, and followers.