4 Savvy Ways To Cure ‘Office-Barrassment’!

You may have already heard of house embarrassment, or ‘house-barrassment’, as there is a famous DIY chain running some nifty ads along these lines. However, what you may not realise is that such embarrassment isn’t only limited to the home. Indeed, it is entirely possible to be embarrassed about your company’s offices as well. Something that can stop you from wanting to invite potential customers and guests to your premises, and build those all-important relationships that can have a positive effect on your profit margins. The good news is there is a cure for office-barrassment, and it’s creating a space that you are truly proud of, something you can read about doing in the post below. 

Picture located at Pixabay – License CC0


Make sure things are clean 

It might seem simple, but making sure your office is properly cleaned can make a massive difference in the office-barrassment stakes. The reason for this is that not everyone has the same standard of cleanliness, and that means to impress visitors, you need to make sure a truly thorough job has been done. 

To that end, you may wish to assign a member of your team to check the standard of your cleaning service regularly, so you can bring it up with them if things start to falter. 


Get organised 

Another way to avoid office embarrassment is to make sure your office space is as organised as possible. Indeed, there is nothing that will put off visitors faster than coming into a space which is cluttered and uncared for. 

With that in mind, making sure that there is a place for everything, and that your staff take the time to return items to the place as well is crucial. You can also reduce a great deal of the day-to-day organisation that needs to be done around the office by switching to a paperless system. Something that can also help you save money and appeal to green consumers as well. 


Replace the floors 

There is no faster way to make an office space look dirty and worn than to ignore the floors. Indeed, you can think of the floors as the context in which all other aspects of the office are set. What that means is if your floors are old and worn, it will be hard to make your office look its best, no matter how many of the other aspects you change. 

With that in mind, choosing a new, carpeted floor that is bright and clean like the ones on offer from Commercial Flooring Contracts can completely transform the look of your workspace. Although having your office carpet fitted by experts is always vital, as this ensures not only a great look but that it will last for a long time too. 


Invest in matching office furniture 

Offices often take up large spaces and because of this, they can struggle to look like a coherent whole. One of the best ways to remedy this is to invest in furniture that matches, as this can really bring the entire room together. 

If possible choosing pieces from the same range with the same finish is ideal. Although, if your budget does not allow this, or you are used to preloved pieces it can be enough to match the colour of the furniture instead. In particular, white or black pieces that do have wood grain effects are a smart investment here.