Audio for your audience

I’m usually all about the written word, I’m a copywriter after all. However, I’m a huge fan of audio. I worked in commercial radio for 7 years at the start of my career. It was great hanging around the studios, meeting the larger than life personalities that presented the shows. I learned what an effective medium for advertising radio is. It’s the medium you consume while you’re doing other things. You can’t watch TV, go online or read the newspaper while you’re driving. Or, you shouldn’t anyway. 

It’s easy to write off radio as yesterday’s medium, usurped by TV, which is now being usurped by digital. You’d be wrong though. Radio is in rude health. Listening figures are as high as ever. Radio groups like Global are setting new standards in how to use radio as an advertising medium. One of the main characters in probably the biggest show on TV is a commercial radio station.

Technology has changed the entire definition of radio. It’s not just FM/AM anymore. New stations are appearing all the time on DAB. Apps such as TuneIn mean you can access radio from anywhere in the world, plus anyone can set up a a station online. Podcasts have reached critical mass, with shows like Serial and S-Town capturing the world’s imagination. The great thing about podcasts is that they can be ultra niche. I have quite a few about copywriting on my list.

Business Radio

That leads me on to talk about Business Radio. I was contacted on Twitter by Tino from Business Radio in Sussex and he invited me over to record a show with him. You can listen to it here. Business Radio isn’t quite a radio station, and isn’t quite a podcast company. They’re forging new ground in-between. They make shows with some of the best entrepreneurs in the UK (and me!) and they make them available on their site, and on Mixcloud. They share them with their 12K+ followers on social. It’s a great way of spreading your name and brand around. I’d definitely recommend investigating for yourself. Tino is a great guy and I look forward to seeing how he grows his business.

Anyone can do it

One of the things that struck me when I went to Business Radio is that there are no big flashy studios like you would expect at a radio station. There were a few microphones on adjustable stands, a small mixer, and a Mac running some pretty simple software. If you wanted to start recording audio for your brand, it would be pretty simple, and not that expensive. There are many reasons why it could work for you.

Benefits of recording audio

Recording podcasts or radio shows could be the perfect addition to your marketing activity. It gets your name out there, and allows people to get to know you. It’s a sales tool, allowing you to promote your products to your listeners. Podcasting a networking tool, putting you in contact with the big shots of your industry as you interview them. It grows your influence, placing you as an authority in your industry. It’s shareable content, and it lasts forever.

Incorporating audio into your marketing has many benefits, but if you can’t record your own, why not collaborate with Business Radio or someone like them in your area. See you at the top of the podcast charts