Do you want to publish more quality content on your website?


The Blog Bundle: High-engagement articles delivered to you weekly


You know the value of publishing high-quality content on your site consistently.

You've even started writing a regular blog, and it's getting noticed.

You start out with the best of intentions, but after a month or so it starts to slide and you end up quitting.

It's not your fault. 'Events' get in the way. You're a startup. You're busy.

That's why you need the Blog Bundle from Mike The Writer. Top-quality content delivered to you every week.


The content you need to grow your business

With the Blog Bundle, from Mike The Writer, you'll receive quality content on a consistent basis, ready for you to post to your site and share across your social channels.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 4x unique articles per month
  • 500 - 800 words per article
  • All articles extensively planned, researched and edited
  • Royalty-free images supplied

All for the low cost of £300 per month*.

*Minimum term: 3 months


It's so easy

Whatever your business, I will produce quality content that will delight your audience, build authority and bring attention on social media.

All I need is 15 minutes of your time for a chat, to get a feel for your business. I'll do the rest.

Simply sit back and watch the quality content roll in.

I write articles that delight clients and audiences alike. Whatever you require, educational or entertaining, light-hearted or controversial, I will deliver.

My style is clear and easy to read, free of jargon and buzzwords. It's content that is built to last.


Get in touch today to secure your Blog Bundle.

I only have room for 2 more Blog Bundle clients in my schedule. Don't miss the Blog Bundle bus!

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Copywriting for Startups
Copywriting for Startups
Copywriting for Startups
Copywriting for Startups