Creating the Perfect Remote Work Set Up

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Remote working is on the rise and increasing numbers of people find themselves working from the comfort of their homes. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many businesses being unable to operate on a face to face basis to slow the virus’s spread. This meant many switched to remote working setups where staff could work safely from their living spaces, without having to contact other team members. However, since the pandemic has become more under control, many employers have left working operations this way. Many staff prefer the setup, as it cuts out commuting time and costs and allows them to work in a space that is comfortable for them. From the employer’s point of view, staff can be just as productive without having to fork out for costly office space. It’s a win win all round! But if you are working from home long term now, you need to make sure that you have a good work environment and set up. Here are some tips to help you to achieve this!


Rented Space

If you don’t want to work from your own living space, you may want to consider rented office space or shared communal working spaces. These exist and offer a professional, office like set up around other people. This can help you to create stronger boundaries between work and home life for a reasonable cost. They will have professional facilities, such as desks, work kitchens, heating from a HIU supplier, Thermal Integration and more. 


Creating a Home Office

If you’re going to work from your own home, it’s a good idea to create a home office. This can help you to differentiate between work and play by creating distinct, separate areas for your work life and your home life. Sure, it can be tempting to work from bed or the sofa, but this isn’t ideal for your productivity, your posture or creating a good working mindset. Ideally, you will have a spare room that can be turned into its own office, but if not, choosing an allocated working space with a desk can be just as effective. If possible, try to invest in ergonomically designed work furniture, such as an ergonomic desk with foot stalls and back supports.


Creating Boundaries

If you live alone, working from home can be simple. But if you live with others, you may find that they routinely distract you during the day. It’s important that you set boundaries with those you live with to ensure that you can work productively without being constantly taken away from your work. Close the door in the area you’re working and request that people keep the volume down and avoid talking to you unless you’re on your break. This will reduce procrastination and will help you to get your work done on time.


These are just a few suggestions when it comes to working from home as productively as possible from your own home. This can be a great way to operate – you just need to make sure that you’re doing it right!