Make Your Brand Epic With Epic Content

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it roughly 6.1 million times: content is king. Or it’s queen. Either way, it’s royalty. At least, that’s what everyone has been told since day dot. It’s a term that is bandied around like there’s a sale on, but have you ever stopped to wonder exactly why content is so important to your brand building operation? And that’s without delving one layer of the metaphorical onion deeper and asking yourself, “who am I going to get to generate this content, which is a whole other question in itself.


Well, here’s your answer: while all your social media channels are absolutely essential when it comes getting more brand exposure and building your following, it’s super-duper-imperative that you harness the power of social media by adding great content to your platforms as a way of a) engaging your audience, b) keeping your platforms updated and c) giving people a source of epic information.


The problem is, unloading a bunch of half-arsed content onto your social media pages will do more harm than good. It’s a much better idea to offer people truly great content in order to cement yourself as an industry leader or solidified brand.


So, without further ado, here’s how to generate the right content for your business:


  1. Hit Up Those How To’s

Being an expert on your products and services is one thing, but being an expert on your industry is the next level up, especially as it gives you a chance to answer your audiences big questions. That’s where informative “How To” guides come in. If you’re skilled with the keyboard and know where to get the right imagery, do them as blog posts. If you want to produce quirky and branded videos, then become awesome with the Training Connection. Or you could get your graphic design on and produce some epic infographics. Of course, the best approach is to mix it up. Just remember to keep it light, simple, informative and personal.


  1. Go Behind The Scenes

If there is one thing people love seeing it’s brands that have a human touch. They want to know they are dealing with people just like them, not robots. People that have the same quirks and idiosyncrasies and oddities, which is why people love getting an inside scoop and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. It could be a meet the team section on your website, it could be writing your web copy in the language your audience speaks, it might be a behind-the-scenes video at a trade show or event – anything that gives people a little more access to you and your brand.


  1. Make Your Brand Interactive

The walls between brands and consumers have been broken down, meaning people can interact with the brands they love directly, whether that’s through chatbots on your website or social media. To lap this up, make it easier to engage with you. Hold weekly giveaways, embrace user-generated-content, have guest bloggers, have a customer of the month section, and share any relevant photos or videos sent in from your audience. Do this and you be building a brand, you’ll be growing a community around your brand. All from the power of content.