Organisation.Org/Getorganised! The One (Obvious) Key To Sorting Out Your Self-Employed Life

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For every copywriter out there that is not employed by a company, the biggest challenge that we all have to face is going it alone. When it comes to finding work it’s our entire lifestyle that we have to curtail in many ways. Being self-employed can mean, from time to time an irregular wage, and so, life consists of beans on toast, and putting on an extra layer when it gets cold. But, there are ways for us to avoid these eventualities, and it’s all about sorting your self-employed life out.

Organising Your Time

The fact is if we go for a long time without work, when we are offered a job, we dive head first into it, to the detriment of everything else around us. While there are ways for us to be more productive during the day, depending on your enthusiasm for the project, it could mean you work well into the night. It’s far better for you to impose a strict regime so that your loved ones don’t get frustrated with the fact that you are working at 4 in the morning! And the best way to do this is to treat it like a job.

Organising Your Money

Instead of having fallow periods, if you are a bit cleverer with your money, then you can still enjoy the fruits of your labours, albeit on a smaller scale. The whole self-employed existence means having a little bit of knowledge with regards to what you’re actually spending on a daily basis. Getting an accountant, via sites like can provide you with some peace of mind. But if you don’t have the finances to pay for an accountant, there are numerous resources to help you out online. The whole self-employment experience, especially when it comes to filing your taxes for the first time, can be infinitely stressful. To be simple about it, as long as you have a bit of organisation in how much you spend in comparison to how much you earn, as well as putting 20% of your paycheck away for tax purposes, there shouldn’t be too many issues!

Organising Your Life

It’s not just the financial aspects that need considering, but your dependents or significant others needful a lot of consideration. Your self-employed life falls into two categories, the financial, and the personal. The fact is, if you’ve got a mortgage, and you’re barely scraping by, what would happen if you were unable to work suddenly? It’s important to have some form of insurance, because if you have people depending on you to bring home the money, you’ve got a failsafe option should the unknown arise. There’s some information personal insurance for the self-employed at to get your head around. In many ways, you have to treat yourself as an employee of your own organization. This might be the trick to getting your head around many of the issues, because when we begin our self-employed journey, the appeal of a free life is what will override everything else. Soon, the reality sets in. This is why organisation is essential.