Social Media Strategy in the Wake of a Pandemic

The past year has been unpredictable and unsure for so many businesses. There were some areas of marketing, especially digital marketing, that didn’t end up being as useful, because of the pandemic. What people have been working on changed quite dramatically, especially as people were working from home. Not only that, but eCommerce sales soared, with more and more people spending online as in some instances, there were no other options. This has all led to brands needing to connect with their customers in a whole different way. So what are some of the marketing trends that small businesses and digital marketers should be looking out for post-pandemic? Here are some things to consider.

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Influencer content and live content

More and more people stayed at home, with events all over the world being canceled. This is still something that is happening in many cases, so brands need to think differently. Last year in fact, views of Facebook live events jumped by 50% and on Instagram jumped by 70%. The use of TikTok was also huge in 2020, showing just how powerful video content and live content is. Whether you work with a celebrity or an influencer on a live event or do a live lesson or tutorial, a live stream can be something that can get to more people than ever before. 


Video content

Through the rise of Reels on Instagram, TikTok, and Fleets on Twitter, quick video content is something that is more popular than ever. So going forward, it is a good idea to think about how you can improve the video content as part of your social media strategy. You could mix things up a little too, and could even consider something like animated videos created for you by a company like Sentio Space. Consumers want to see quickly how something works or quickly how your product could improve their life. So video, even if you just stick to YouTube, should still play a big part.


User-generated content helping to enhance the experience

Improving the customer experience is something that has not been more important. Consumers want to have positive experiences with brands and want to make everything much more memorable and enjoyable. If they are buying from a brand that they have found on social media, then they want to feel happy with their choice. Having user-generated content (UGC) helps this in a big way. When content is shared from brands that their customers have shared or created, then it helps to make the experience better for all. It also helps to create some relatable and uplifting content. 


As a brand, if you can see and share consumer’s images of your products, you can also get a lot of content when you might not be in an office with a creative team putting things together. UGC helps to get you some positive relationships for brands and consumers, as well as offering social proof. A must for any small business in the wake of the global pandemic. 

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