Copywriting for startups


Lost for words?

If you're a startup, entrepreneur or small business, you already know the benefits of consistently updating your site with fresh content

  • Improve your SEO ranking
  • Build your influence in your industry
  • Make sales

However, writing engaging content takes time. That's time you could spend driving your business forward.

That's where I come in.

I'm Mike The Writer.


What I do

Copywriting for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. That means:

  • Articles (or blogs)
  • Web copy (the nitty-gritty of your website)
  • Advertising copy (print ads, scripts, social media ads)

I write lean.

That means my copywriting style is direct, easy-to-read, free of jargon and buzzwords. It's copy that's built to last.

Whatever your goal is, my copy will help you achieve it.

I like to show, not tell. So take a look at my portfolio to see what I can do.

Check my testimonials page for words from delighted clients.




How I do it

I like to work remotely, but I love to meet my clients if they're in London.

I'm comfortable with workflow apps like Basecamp, Slack and Trello. If you like to use those kind of apps to manage tasks, that's fine with me.

I use a brief template so you can tell me exactly what you need, and misunderstandings are kept to a minimum.

I work quickly, so I can offer you a fast turnaround on your briefs. A reasonable number of amendments aren't a problem either. You're the client.

I always work in good faith and will work with you to ensure everything I write is correct. Remember though, final responsibility with what's on your site rests with you.



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