4 Ways To Leverage Your Coffee Machine For Better Business Performance

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Could the key to better business performance lie in your kitchen’s coffee machine? Potentially. 


While inconspicuous, these devices are more important than you might realize. So, how can you leverage them? Let’s take a look. 


Use Coffee Breaks For Brainstorming Sessions


One option is to use coffee machines for brainstorming sessions. Getting employees to get together to bounce ideas off each other in an informal session can sometimes yield more results than a formal meeting. Many companies have their best ideas in these situations where the conversation is more freely flowing and there isn’t as much pressure to perform. 


Personalise Coffee Preferences


You could also use your coffee machine as a tool to boost worker morale and engagement. Setting up devices to deliver the drinks that individual employees want. Giving everyone a button powered by a magnetic sensor switch to cut off the water or power at just the right time makes them feel wanted and loved. 


You could also add extra options to cater to all tastes in the office. For instance, you might include a green tea service for those on a health kick or provide extra marshmallows for office workers looking to treat themselves for staying late. It’s really up to you. 


Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Your Coffee Machine


If your company is looking to boost its green credentials, you might also want to look at some of the ways you can reduce the ecological impact of your machine. You could do this by: 


  • Instituting reusable cups
  • Sourcing coffee beans from sustainable farms
  • Choosing low-power options


You could also focus more broadly on sustainability-related issues. For example, you might work with Fair Trade partners or choose ethical sourcing for beans. You might also use the machine to run various corporate social outreach drives, promoting corporate citizenship. 


Use The Coffee Machine As A Social Hub


Another option is to use the coffee machine as a social hub. Bringing people together this way can prevent people from feeling isolated and enable deeper connections with colleagues. It can also improve worker loyalty, encouraging them to stay with you longer instead of constantly looking for the next opportunity to add to their CVs. 


Coffee machines foster casual chats and make people feel at ease. Standing in an informal space like this feels less stressful than dealing with other people at their desks or in conference rooms. 


Some companies institute “random coffee pairings” where people from different departments can meet up with each other to discuss business problems side-by-side. This approach not only helps people make new friends, but it prevents information siloing, which can be harmful for larger firms. 


Wrapping Up

Unsplash – CC0 License


While coffee machines might seem like an insignificant element in office design, their impact tends to be wider than many managers imagine. Using them effectively can generate positive results that improve outcomes for everyone, including the business itself. The knock-on effects of having a coffee machine that greases the wheels of conversation and keeps employees powered until late in the evening can be tremendous.