How To Make Your Office More Comfortable For Clients

No matter what kind of business you run, there are going to be occasions where prospective clients are going to want to meet face to face. When that moment comes, you’ve got one big question to ask: is your office up to the task? You need to look professional to feel successful, but what else can you do to improve the overall comfort and experience of those looking to do business? Here are some tips that could help. 


Pexels Image – CC0 Licence


Mind the Temperature


How warm is your office? No seriously, take a look at the thermostat right now and see if it’s set to an ‘average’ temperature. If not, and you’ve got someone coming round to chat about a new business proposal, it might be time to turn the wheel up or down!


You might like cooler temperatures, or you might not sweat as much when there’s humidity in the air, but you can never be sure about other people. Adjust accordingly for a much better meeting. Also, take note of the temperature of your office colours. Are your walls painted in bright colours? This might need offsetting with some pictures, drapes, or soft furnishings.


Be Inclusive


Not all clients are going to have the same needs. Along the same vein, they won’t all have the same abilities. That’s why you should think about being inclusive; it’s modern, and it allows you to bring in the largest pool of potential clients possible. 


So, make sure people know your office is service animal friendly. If you’re worried about animals in a professional space, you can invest in items like pet rebellion sofa protection to make sure no marks or fur is left behind. You should invest in wheelchair accessibility too; widen the doors, keep the floors level, and have a ramp ready to go. 


Keep Things Quiet


A quiet office tends to be a happy office. That’s not to say that you can’t chat to your employees and/or colleagues, but keep the noise level to this basic conversation level. If a client comes round for a meeting and there’s loud music playing or heavy drilling coming from somewhere nearby, you’re not going to make a very good impression at all. You might even need soundproofing!


Have a Kitchen Area


Can you offer a client a refreshment? If not, make sure you get a kettle or a mini fridge put in as soon as possible. Handing out drinks is the most basic way to make someone feel welcomed. If there’s a choice between coffee, tea, water, or something like juice or a soft drink, your efforts will be even more appreciated. 


Inviting a client over for a coffee and a chat is good for all business owners. It helps you to feel approachable, while still maintaining that professional image you’ve strived to build. But your office needs to feel the same way as well. Make sure you consider these elements before you agree to any face to face meetings!