What Makes a Good Landing Page in 2023?

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels

A good landing page helps you catch the attention of your customers, keeps them intrigued and leads to conversion. But how is this done, and what can you do to ensure your landing pages help with conversion? From focusing on content to establishing more trust, here are some ideas.

Understanding What Clients Want

A quality landing page must instantly speak to your customers, yet you can only do this by knowing what they want. What drove them to click through from an ad? You need to identify these to keep them there and end with a conversion. A catchy design helps, but it isn’t enough. For example, clicking on an ad stating “used woodworking machinery UK for sale” needs to offer precisely that. Bulleted lists of what you offer in an easily digestive format is a great start.

Maintain the Focus of the Offer

So, you have an offer on your landing page. The page includes true statements, is easily readable and instantly informs a user of what they can expect. This is a good example of maintaining the focus of the offer presented to a prospective customer. Stay on course by making sure the offer on the landing page is consistent with the offer a user clicked. Never change the offer, bait and switch or redirect to something else. This won’t end with a sale.

A Good Landing Page is Balanced

The layout, theme and even colours of a landing page are just as important as the information included on it. To help drive conversions, you need to tailor your content wisely in order to help your call-to-action (CTA) stand out against any noise. It helps to include a single offer on your landing page so it is the only focus and a customer isn’t overwhelmed. This can also help balance the colours and contrast to direct customers to the offer they expect more easily.

Emphasise Customer Security 

Security is a major point of contention these days, and customers want it and need it. If there is even the smallest reason your offer or service requires any amount of security, then emphasise the security measures you have. For instance, it is all well and good, stating that over a million users trust your services. But that doesn’t inform a user why. So tell them. Let users know about the security procedures they can expect to receive when they use your goods and services.

Include Social Proof of Value

Some of the figures vary from survey to survey, but it can be concluded that between 36% and 93% of customers will read online reviews and testimonials before making a buying decision. Therefore you cannot ignore the value of them. These offer potential customers another insight into your services and help back what you have already told them. Yet it’s vital that you place these strategically on your landing page in an easily visible location, such as near the top.


Understanding what your potential customers want and need makes a good landing page. It must also be balanced to direct users towards the CTA. Also, online reviews and testimonials help back up any claims you make and offer fresh insight from genuine customers to new ones.